anya asano
Digital artist creating synthetic color schematics.
An anonymous digital avatar artist, Asano's work transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms, fusing an array of digital technologies to create a unique visual language.

Utilizing tools such as Blender, After Effects, AI algorithms, and various glitch techniques, Asano crafts an assortment of abstract and figurative amalgamations. There work is a kaleidoscope of color, form, and texture, where the virtual and the real intertwine in a dance of pixels and polygons.
theVERSEverse: POESÍA DE PROTESTA | New York, NY | May 2023
Tez Japan | Toyko, Japan | Jan 2023
The Collab Room | Online | Aug 2022
The Mirror | Online | Aug 2022
NFT Art Berlin | Berlin Germany | Apr 2022
Bright Moments Gallery | Venice, CA | Nov 2021
Ars Electronica | New York, NY | Sep 2021
Future Art Festival  | Melbourne, AUS | Feb 2021